Benefits of Keeping a Travel Blog While on Vacation

Having been travelling extensively for 15 years, I have always enjoyed keeping a written memory of my adventures. Over the years I have witnessed great changes in the way that one can keep in touch with friends and family at home. It used to be that I would store all of my thoughts and experiences in my journal, feeling them in the moment and wishing that I could share my immediate excitement with my loved ones.

When I did return, I had difficulty conjuring up the same feelings that I had while I was in there and people could not relate to what I was telling them.

Since I have discovered the world of Blogging, I have been able to bring people along with me on my journey. I no longer have to wait to tell people about the most extraordinary thing that has happened to me and hope that they care to listen. I can now, post it on my Blog for those who are interested. They can read all about my travels and share the experience with me. They can sense the emotions that I am feeling in the present and enjoy my excitement or sorrow over an event or situation that I have just witnessed. No longer am I boring friends with slide shows and long-winded accounts of my travels. They can read all about it themselves. If they don’t care to read about it or to look at my posted photo’s, chances are that they don’t care to hear too much about it when I get home either.

When on an extended travel, I am excited to enter an Internet cafe and have a connection with the world at home. It is usually filled with other travellers that I can meet and share stories with, plus it passes the time in the evenings much better than hanging out alone in a guest house writing in a journal all by myself.

As a writer, it is exciting to create a mini article every time I sit at the computer. When writing in a journal, I tend to think quickly and miss important moments of the event I am writing about. When I am writing on the Internet for all eyes to see, I take my time to really describe and relive each detail so everyone can have a sense of what it is like to be there. When I open my Blog and check out the comments left by people from my last update, I am excited to know that people are entertained and inspired by what I have experienced.

When I revisit past travels through my blog, I am brought back to my journey with far more detail than through my journals. I can click on photo’s and read their headings to instantly bring back that moment. I don’t have to flip through pages of my journal looking for dates and titles or search through my book case trying to find the right book from a particular trip. With the click of a mouse, I am back in Africa or Asia following the links and photo albums and reading the encouraging comments left by family, friends and even strangers who are following along because they happen to enjoy the experience.

Having written in both journals and on a Blog, I have found a Blog to be far more useful, fulfilling and better to store precious memories than a journal. It is simple to navigate, every travel is filed and easy to access and it is out there to be shared with everyone. If you are going to have amazing experiences in your life, shouldn’t you be enjoying them with the people you love along the way?

Debra Corbeil is one half of Canada’s Adventure Couple. Together with

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Free Travel Blogs – Travel Communities Are Great Fun

Free travel blogs are everywhere at the moment. It seems that travel communities are springing up all over the web.

You can see why this is, if like me you live in the UK, to say the weather in not good is an understatement. The winters seem to be getting longer, and the summers shorter.

As I write this article the rain is falling and the clouds are here. If only I was lying on a nice beach somewhere, with the sun on my back.

There could be an simple answer to this misery, join a travel community. Travel communities are basically people that are interested in travel, sharing their travel experiences with others. You can escape to wherever you want to, just by reading some ones travel blog. Or by creating your own travel blog you can relive the memories of your latest trip, or dream about a new travel destination you have yet to visit.

I myself have a travel blog, and its a real treat to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and escape to a far off destination on my blog. You can lose yourself in the Kasbahs of Morocco, or dance the night away in the carnivals of Rio. Or maybe just sip a cocktail or two by the pool in Florida. The choice is yours.

Try it for yourself, its a great way to relax and de-stress, and the best part of all is there are no airports to go through.

Happy traveling.

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How to Get Him Back After a Break Up – My Successful Travel Blogging Method May Help You

Do you want to know how to get him back after a break up? Then you really should read my story carefully. Using this travel blogging method, I got my ex boyfriend back to me without any tough work. In fact, it’s been done with fun. Here is what I did.

I first sent him an email to express that I accept his decision, but we can always be ordinary friend. Then I just ignore him and disappear from his life. No phone call, no email, etc. In a word, make me completely unavailable to him. At the same time, I was planning a trip to Hawaii.

I recorded almost everything when I was in Hawaii, but the basic rule is to show all my blog visitors that how happy I was. I blogged about my lobster dinner in a first class restaurant, my bonfire party on the beach… I also uploaded many photos in which I am happily smiling or laughing loudly. In some photos, it’s just me alone, but mostly it’s me with many other tourists that I met there. By doing so, I want to give people a feeling that I am happy and I am not lonely.

I made many videos too and uploaded them to YouTube and then embed them into my blog. In one video, I recorded some surfers at Waikiki beach and I even talked with one of them. I told him that my ex boyfriend is also good at it. I especially emphasized the word “EX”. This is a trick that I did on purpose. I praised my ex, but spoke in a very flat voice. This will make him happy but also show him that I now only consider him as an ordinary friend. And I live a wonderful life even without him.

After I came back, I emailed my blog url to all of my friends, include my ex boyfriend. But just put his email address among with all other friends, nothing special. Then one week later, I invited him and some other friends to my home for a party to share my travel experience with them. I told them many funny stories that I experienced in Hawaii, showed them the videos I recorded, gave a lovely gift I bought there to everyone attended, and we had a really happy night.

Guess what? After the party, my ex boyfriend found an excuse to stay late after all other friends left and he finally didn’t go back to his home. So you see how to get him back after a break up is not a rocket science. In fact it’s easy, isn’t it?

You can work out your own unique plan and it may work even better.

I am not much cleverer than you. I was just as desperate as you are now at first. Then I stumble upon a very helpful website which teaches people about how to get him back after a break up. I got the idea when I was surfing on that site and then made a whole action plan in 3 days.

Warning: you must take action NOW before it’s too late. Or else your ex boyfriend is going to date somebody else.

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Know These Important Tips Before You Start Your Travel Blog

Tips on How to Become Successful with Travel Blogger Jobs

To travel around the globe is one of the most fascinating things you could experience in your entire life. A lo­t of people dream of traveling, meeting all of the new people, seeing the most famous and recognized sites all over the world, to experience the different cultures and to taste the different cuisines. It is an amazing experience to be able to engulf yourself in another country and trying to mimic being a local.

There is so much wonder that the world can offer, and many people are working hard to be able to visit those places. But there are also some, who are experiencing the luxury of free travel and even get paid for it. Those are called travel blogger jobs. You may have already come across these blogs on the internet or even have a friend that’s done this, because it is becoming increasingly popular as of late.

When talking about travel blogger jobs, it is not as easy as travelling free and creating a blog then get paid for it. There are a lot factors and things that you should keep in mind, in order for you to become a professional since amateur once, don’t really earn much.

Travel blogger jobs are rare, but one of the most enjoyable works anyone could ever have. There are a lot of struggles at first, but once you get the rhythm of your work, you’ll start to be please on how much it could sustain your living.

Here are some of the tips to become a pro on travel blogger jobs:

1. Have a focus – Since you are a travel blogger, you need to set up a theme for your blog. Find your focus on what you really enjoy when travelling and make it your blog subject. There are a lot of things that you can be interested in travelling, whether it is the different famous spots, the people, their culture, the wildlife, the food or anything, this will be your first step on being a pro travel blogger.

2. Do a little experiment – Working on a travel blogger job could be a little tough when you’re just trying to find your niche. Don’t be afraid on doing little experiments with your content subjects and eventually you will find your passion at it will be your focus.

3. Web design – It is never enough that you have good content or good pictures regarding your travel. It also good that you can maintain quality design on your websites because that is where your traffic will proceed; good impression is what you should aim for so that visitors will not hesitate to go back.

4. Social Media – Rock the social media. People who want to be successful with blogging while they travel work on booming their influence with various social media sites such as, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and etc.

Being a professional travel blogger is never easy, but it can be a little smoother when you have master all the tips intended to become successful. Just continue to work hard and be yourself-because people want to know what you are really feeling, as opposed to reading you go ‘through the motions’. Have fun with it!

Chris Thompson currently resides in Mobile, Alabama and has been an en

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